Rocky Crags, Craggy Rocks

Koh Phi Phi Lee

It’s a bit surreal to watch these towering limestone cliffs morph into different shapes as you travel between vantage points. Approaching Koh Phi Phi Lee (above) appeared to only be the left face of the rock. Rounding the island revealed the right tail end of the island, and on massive scale.

Our guide was an interesting guy – a bit of a wise ass who caters to no one. When I was the only person in our group willing to go for a night swim in pitch black open water to see bioluminescent plankton (v cool by the way), he casually mentioned something about sharks.

Gorgeous Pileh Lagoon (above) for frolicking, and Loh Samah Beach for the best snorkeling/free diving I’ve done outside the Great Barrier Reef, and Maya Bay for epic sunset views. Tons and tons of sea slugs, giant tridacna clams, angelfish, parrot fish, needlefish, coral the size of boulders, and even baby sharks. Couldn’t see them, but I could feel tiny jellyfish aka hella itchy.

You can do your part by leaving no trace – wearing coral safe sunscreen and absolutely not standing on the coral.

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