Other Worlds

It’s actually just Utah, but looks like a dream within a dream with the ethereal reflections of its salt lake.

Spiral Jetty at sunrise (North Salt Lake, Utah) | If you look closely, you can see me standing next to my tent!

Spiral Jetty especially fascinates me for its historical context as well as value in land art. This enchanting, swirly mass of salt and rock was built in 1970 but was submerged in water and disappeared for 30 years, appearing only after a drought in 2004.

North Salt Lake, Utah

I thought it’d be too cloudy for astrophotography and didn’t bring my tripod or star maps, but the night sky was clear with millions of sparkling stars. Once I have a free Saturday in a couple weeks, it’s me, the couch, a fat glass of wine, and the mystery that is Lightroom. Until then, rudimentary Photoshop:


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